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Some of you have seen my stories... Dad healed of brain cancer, me healed of hepatitus C, spinal damage healed, Type II Diabetes healed, daughter born with hole in heart, HEALED, niece healed of both dengue fever and pneumonia at the same time, all provable! What are YOUR stories?




LJ Cadlawon healed of Pneumonia and Dengue Fever Syndrome (DFS)
On a Tuesday in 2012, my wife received word that Lovely Jean CADLAWON (LJ) was being admitted into a hospital in the Philippines with Pneumonia and Dengue Fever Syndrome (DFS), usually incurable, long term and fatal. On Wednesday evening, I showed her photo in our church Senior Class at Bethany First Church of the Nazarene, in Bethany, Oklahoma, USA. We prayed over the photo for healing. On Thursday, my wife boarded a plane for the Philippines. On Sunday, my wife was handed the release form you see here, stating both Pneumonia and DFS completely resolved, with no explanation. We KNOW the explanation! By His stripes we ARE healed, where two or more ask in HIS name... WE asked! All praise goes to Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God Jehovah!




On a Tuesday evening in 2012, my wife and I learned that our Neice, Lovely Jean Cadlawon, age 5, was in the hospital emergency room in the Philippines.
On Wednesday Evening, I showed her photo to our Seniors class at Bethany Nazarene Church in Bethany, Oklahoma, USA. We prayed over the picture for healing.
On Thursday, my wife boarded a plane for the Philippines.

On Sunday, at the hospital, my wife was handed this release form, showing both Dengue fever AND pneumonia unexplainably 'resolved' and the child was released. There were no remaing symptoms.




On December 29, 1973, Angela Christine Love was born, with a hole in her heart, at Children's Hospital on 13th St. In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She is my firstborn child. The hospital allowed us to take her home overnight (there was ice and snow on the ground) but I was determined to have her prayed over. H. O. Roberson had a church that had prayer and praise service 365 days a year, so we went there and had her prayed over. On returning to the hospital on Dec 30, there was no trace of the hole in her heart. Jared and Jordan Langston, members of this prayer group team, are her two sons! Our God is an AWESOME GOD!




In 1961, Claud H. Love, my father, was diagnosed with malignant brain cancer. Ending up in a Coma for 16 weeks, he was treated in St.
Anthony Hospital of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where they performed exploratory surgery, concluding they could not reach the cancer without killing him.
Some time later, my Sister, Sandra Lynn Love/Wood, now deceased, heard him begin to speak, and soon began to realize it was from the Bible.
She understood enough of it that she was able to find it in a bedside Gideon Bible.

He sat up, and she eventually realized he had quoted the entire book of Job. He then laid back down, and slipped back into a coma.

3 days later, he fully awoke, saying he had not previously read the entire book of Job. Upon performing X-rays, they found no remaining trace of the cancer.

Releasing him 3 days later, they stated they did not expect him to live beyond 6 months, without paralysis.
2 weeks later, finding him in perfect health, they released him to return to full duty work.

He lived an another 39 years without recurrance until he secumbed to an unrelated death on January 1, 2001.